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In “Silent Desire” we accompany an extraordinary, mysterious young woman. Thanks to the inheritance from an unknown patron, she lives a modest life in her own city apartment in a sleepy small town. The enchanting young beauty lives the life of a dreamy artist, isolated and shy. She draws and paints all day long, trying to escape reality.She longs for tender touch and eroticism, which she expresses unbridled in her numerous pictures and drawings. She loves to draw girls in pantyhose being pampered by strong men. She loves the feeling of caressing her skin through thin pantyhose or a bodystocking.


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The New Series "The Whores' Monastery" by Valerie Nilon

„The Whores‘ Monastery“ is a polarizing and erotically charged novel that takes you on a journey where passion and secrets intertwine to form a dangerous game. Immerse yourself in the world of lost places and hidden desires and let yourself be seduced by the truth behind the walls of the monastery. What really lurks behind the closed doors remains hidden in the dark, and the reader‘s curiosity becomes an insatiable desire for revelation.

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The New BDSM-Series "Castle Of Punishment" by Valerie Nilon

Discover a world of passion, desire and devotion in Valerie Nilon's exciting BDSM adult novels! Immerse yourself in the sensual and captivating atmosphere in which dominance and lust unite in a unique way. Valerie Nilon's stories take you into a world where taboos are broken and boundaries are blurred. Here you can let yourself go and live out your wildest fantasies.

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The New Novels by Valerie Nilon

Enter the captivating world of Valerie Nilon and her new fascinating adult erotic novels! Immerse yourself in a comprehensive, compelling and sensual read like never before. The words flow hypnotically while the passionate scenes have grown in length and intensity. Readers are caught in a whirlpool of excitement and captivated in an unforgettable way. From the first page to the last line, her novels unleash an irresistible attraction. No more quick distractions - each novel is a masterful work that draws you in. Immerse yourself in an eBook or audio book that will captivate you for hours. Take advantage of the exclusive introductory price now!

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